Phnom Penh, 24 August 2017 – “The 6th Cambodia Domestic Contest of Architectural Rookies Award 2017,” organized by the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Phnom Penh, saw Ou Sotheara awarded the coveted title of top student architect in Cambodia.


Ten architecture students from across the capital had their entries scrutinized by a panel of expert judges, 2nd year Limkokwing University student’s Sotheara’s work was selected.


“We felt Sotheara’s entry showed the most vision and creativity. His design for a community center titled “The Amphibious Stilt,” drew inspiration from traditional Khmer houses and was ingenious. We were all very impressed,” explained RUFA Vice Dean of Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Karno Chhay.


“Phnom Penh, and cities and towns across Cambodia, are growing not just in size but also in their vision for how creative architecture can be employed to demonstrate the rising confidence of the country, and this quality of all of the entries this year is clear.


The competing students are enrolled in architecture classes at RUFA and Limkokwing University.


This year’s competition was sponsored by Phnom Penh City Center (PPCC), a mixed-use development in central of Phnom Penh.


“From the designers of Angkor Wat or Sambor Prei Kuk’s temples, to Vann Molyvann’s creations in the 1960’s, Cambodia has been a home for creative and impressive architecture, and we are excited for the future of Cambodian architecture if the entries we saw here today are indicative of the quality of ideas and design developing in the country,” explained Socheat Tang, representing PPCC.


“We are proud to support this fantastic competition to identify the top young talent in Cambodia, and we look forward to seeing more of the designs that Ou Sotheara produces in the future,” he added.


PPCC occupies 111 hectares in central Phnom Penh, and its award-winning collection of office, residential, recreational and entertainment facilities share a unifying theme of green living.


Managing Director Michelle Lau described PPCC as representing the urban planning vision that will transform Phnom Penh into a safe, green and modern city.


“Phnom Penh City Center aims to build for the city’s future by envisioning the needs of the people who will be living, working, and spending their time in PPCC. This would not be possible without forward thinking ideas and meticulous planning by our team of engineers and architects. We are not here just to develop buildings but rather to create a livable and comfortable urban space for all. Seeing these amazing designs submitted to this competition I am confident that Cambodia and PPCC will be able to draw on top-quality architectural talent as the country continues to grow and develop.”